Mornings with Bobby Cook

I Feel Like A Parade

The official Mardi Gras flag has been hoisted by the wifey, who has a flag, banner, […]


I’m checking out the forecast for the rest of the week, and it looks like […]

The Joy of Monday

Yes, it is with tremendous joy that I sit to write this blog, because when […]

Early Report

Monday.  Hurray.  I am slow to start this morning, after a busy weekend of household […]

What Day Is It?

January 19th is National Popcorn Day, maybe you heard me mention that on-air.  A day to […]

Early Words

Friday at last and we have earned ourselves some quality weekend-time this week without a […]

Props to the Paperboy

Ever have a paper route?  I have. Its a good job for early-risers or anybody who’d […]

The Early Report

Here we go!  Looking forward to not having to spend a lot of time talking […]

Year 34 and Counting

98 Rocks was not the only “sign-on” in 1984.  A little over six hundred miles […]