A Cool Change

Yes, a cool change is what we are experiencing around here weather-wise for a few evenings.  (“Cool Change” is also an excellent tune by The Little River Band, one I’d have to have if marooned on an isle.  Of course the tune is about sailing, so there’s that.)    Anyway, I had a taste of some cooler weather last week while tripping through middle Arkansas, and on a crisp, forty-seven degree morning at the campsite, I sure would have appreciated a crackling fire.  But as is the case here throughout the Ark-La-Tex, nearly the entire state of Ar. was under a burn ban.  So resist the temptation to take the chill off by sparking-up the fire pit this evening, lest you set the whole neighborhood ablaze.

Freezing or nearly-freezing temps are called for by daybreak tomorrow, but low 50’s are forecast by Friday morning, not too cool if you’re going to try to get a pre-sunrise look at an Orionid meteor or two.  Originating from the constellation Orion in the Southeast sky, the fiery particles are remnants of Halley’s comet.  Experts say look to Betelgeuse, the dim reddish star in the upper left of The Hunter constellation to spot them.  https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/the-orionid-meteor-shower-will-dazzle-friday-courtesy-of-halley-s-comet-here-s-how-to-watch/ar-AA134eze?cvid=529fdadb23bf46c1adaa12f0fba8af96&fbclid=IwAR3gaDa9n8JwEt1iBey18WLXiDDtIfQobgh8p6FcQxh4twV7LBz9thxeiWc

So enjoy the chill down, brief as it may be, and don’t forget those famous first cold-snap weather words: Protect your tender vegetation!  Not just words of good fall gardening, but a good rule to live by in all seasons.

A fond farewell to the last of my veggies, the Cukes of October.

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