Too Much Information?

How many devices do you depend on each day to stay in touch and/or stay informed?   TV, Laptop, tablet, phone, smart watch and speaker, surveillance camera, earbud and on and on.  Ever want to just chuck ’em all out the window and have a day without the never ending barrage of input?  Sure you do, and today is your day, according to the people who decide these things.  Information Overload Day, as it is officially referred to, is a product of  the Information Overload Research Group, a real entity that believes being on the receiving end of a constant influx of data can lead to  “detrimental, computational, physical, psychological, and social effects.”   Hmmm.  Maybe not if your hang-up is cute kitten videos.  Now with politics and current events, yeah, I could see the risks of minds turned to mush.  Matter of fact, there’s plenty evidence of that already rampant in the info-stream.

So do your sanity a favor today, or on any day you decide to be “your” Info Overload day.  Unplug or mute all your gadgets, grab a big ol’ bottle of pop and a giant pack of Oreos, and go sit in a park for a few hours listening to the birds.   You might thank me for it in the morning, when the info-stream will still be there, like a nosy neighbor, doing it’s best to get on your last nerve.

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