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Mornings with Bobby Cook

Big Week, Right?

Sure it will be a big week for some, and no big deal for others […]

I Paddle Out

The first full week of the month of June is vacation time for the morning guy,  […]

Remembering a Great

On what would have been his birthday, I take a moment to give tribute to a […]

Tuesday Check-In

If you were fortunate enough to have a long weekend off due to Memorial Day, […]

Memorial Weekend

The sun coming up in my backyard.  I look forward to seeing it for the […]

Having A Ball?

Yes, there is a station gumball machine.  It’s in the hall just outside the break-room, […]

Green Is Good

The freaky-farmer rockin’ the garden patch, and the growth-spurt is on.   Last night’s dinner included […]

Word To The Grads!

Area High School Graduation ceremonies have been going on for several weeks now, and as […]

Back in the Day

Not just back in the day, but back on this day, May 17th, some interesting […]

The Kid Within

It is good to play.  Yesterday we enjoyed some parking-lot aviation here at 98 Rocks.  Finally […]