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Mornings with Bobby Cook

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Midweek writer’s block remedy?  How about a lot of photos?  It was too pleasant a […]

Building Up Steam

Finally picking up the pace although we’re already eight days into 2019.  The milder weather […]

Today’s History

Welcome to the first Monday of 2019.  I know, yippee, right?  Hope it turns out […]


Welcome to the All-New and Improved Year!!  Yes it’s Sparkly-Fresh and completely redesigned for 2019, […]

3 Kings Bring No Bling

The Three Kings, or Magi of the Bible (Melchior, Caspar & Balthazar, in case you’ve […]

This Could Get Ugly

Time to bust the seal on that space-saver bag, pop-open the plastic bin or do […]

Scent of the Season?

How about the soothing, good-to-be-back home aroma of….chicken?   I know.  Not the first thing that […]

Hiding Places

Do you have a place to go and hide when you’d rather not deal with […]