How Kind of You…

Are you getting enough love from your job?  Y’know, care and kindness and a real concern for your mental health and well-being?  I mean, that’s always been my first criteria when considering on -the- job satisfaction.  No.  When I entered the workforce some, oh ninety-odd years ago, I kind of expected it would, in fact, be unkind.  When the old man said “You need to get your ass to work!” a good time didn’t exactly come to mind.  Nor did holding hands with the boss, and talking about my feelings.  I figured going to work was supposed to piss you off, wear you out and turn you into a despondent lump who only aspires to sit on the couch suckin’ suds and watching the game.  Similarly, I just wanted hours I could tolerate and enough of them to fund some new tires and mags for my jalopy, and a night out at the drive-in with my best girl and  maybe two or three others too, but they’d have to hide in the trunk.

But the times change, as do peoples expectations.  In a recent poll I came across today, 81% of Americans seek employment with kinder companies. It’s from the American Psychological Association and reveals that Americans are wanting to work for companies that prioritize their well-being.  Those  81% surveyed said that they would be interested in working for companies that focus on the mental health of employees. The poll also indicates that almost one in five workers who were surveyed felt that their work environment felt toxic. 22% of those working in toxic environments worked in manual labor, while 15% worked in offices.  Here’s hoping there is much goodness, kindness and mental health throughout your workday.  But if not, don’t despair.  There’s always a ballgame on and a cold one in the fridge to extend the kindness you may be missing on the job.

Here’s the poll:



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