The Man of Many Hats is ready for Mardi Gras!

I got out my Mardi Gras stuff, to get into the festive Mardi Gras mood, and prepare for going to the many Mardi Gras parades and parties around the ArkLaTex.  Someone called my hat a “pimp hat”,  but I had to correct them, and let them know that it’s a “fancy, classy, HIGH FALUTIN” Mardi Gras hat.   Rockin’ ya’ while ya’ work here  – whether you’re listening on your office, or shop, radio, or rockin’ with us online at and on the 98Rocks app on your phone.  Thanks for rockin!  Much appreciated!  I’ll switch hats to my, comfy, Down Home ball cap, by Blue Plate Special time at noon.

Tom Michaels



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