Well, It isn’t my Favorite…

 “Most hated rock songs and albums” sounds harsh, but that’s the title of the story I came across today while spending way too much of my limited time on the planet browsing websites. (Thanks for stopping by ours to read this, by the way.)  I mean, most music fans probably have at least a couple albums they bought just for that one song.  Everything else on it might not have hit the mark, or maybe even sucked compared that one solitary hit, but you might not have hated the whole album.   With a single tune, there isn’t that much forgiveness.  “Well, that little bit with the bass and bazouki is interesting…”  Maybe on a whole it’s so-so, tolerable or even terrible, but does it rise to the level of hate?   I think a whole lot of tunes were a complete waste of recording technology, but only a few rockers would I actually put in the “hate” category.  “Cringe-worthy” “burnt to a crisp” and “lame” are words I am most likely to use.  And I won’t say which songs might fit those labels here, lest I violate a sacred code of the dj.  Jocks all learn early on to never say anything negative about any artist or song on the playlist.  After all, if we play it, it has to already be the best of the best, right?  And besides, every song you play might be someones favorite of all time, so never say “That was the new musical turd from the LA Gum Wadz!”  Program Directors, and the solitary LA Gum Wadz fan in the audience, will take offense.  In which case, young dj may find himself looking for another gig, maybe even another format, like, er country.  Where he is destined to screw-up once again when he opens the mic to exclaim “I HATE Achy-Breaky Heart!

Here are the songs:

1.  “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”,  Aerosmith

2.  “Kokomo”,  The Beach Boys

3.  “Sussudio”,  Phil Collins

4.  “We Didn’t Start the Fire”,  Billy Joel

5.  “Shiny Happy People”,  R.E.M. featuring Kate Pierson of The B-52’s

6.  “We Built This City”,  Starship

7.  “Mr. Roboto”,  Styx

8.  “Silly Love Songs”,  Paul McCartney and Wings

And the albums:

1.  “Two the Hard Way”,  Allman and Woman  (This is Gregg Allman and Cher.)

2.  “Self Portrait”,  Bob Dylan

3.  “Love Beach”,  Emerson Lake & Palmer

4.  “Music from ‘The Elder'”,  Kiss

5.  “Unfinished Music Number 1:  Two Virgins”,  John Lennon and Yoko Ono

6.  “Lulu”,  Lou Reed and Metallica

7.  “Dirty Work”,  The Rolling Stones

8.  “Van Halen 3”,  Van Halen

9.  “Trans”,  Neil Young

10.  “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” 1978 movie soundtrack:  It includes Peter FramptonThe Bee Gees, and Alice Cooper.

Here’s the story: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/hated-rock-records/


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