Weather So Delightful

With all the green in the photo above, you might not expect it was taken on December 4.  Another reason  I love the weather down here, not that I don’t complain like everybody else about the extended stretches of occasional 100’s.  It’s been awhile since the old clubs have seen daylight, so I decided I might see if I could still  operate them correctly.   I think I still have the jist of it, meaning I could make contact with the ball and change its position somewhat.  Might just try to get a round in before the year’s end.  Then again, maybe not.  Shortly after taking the pic below, where Rosie the pup seems to be giving me a read on distance, I took her advice and elected to use an easy wedge.  Well, I ended up over-easing my shot, it soared above the house next door and landed in the street somewhere. I didn’t hear it bounce on the pavement, and decided not to try to hunt it down, for fear I’d find a Titleist-sized hole in one of my neighbor’s windshields.  I opted to lay-low indoors the rest of the day…with the blinds shut tight.

Dog and golf clubs

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