Walk That Doggie!

So I read a story about National Walk Your Dog Day, which is February 22, and being a dog-lover and a fan of a nice afternoon stroll, I thought I’d share some of it.  Walks are good for dogs for three key reasons:  They get some exercise . . . a sense of companionship from you . . . and it gives them the mental stimulation they need.  Unless you have a lot of real estate at your disposal, most yards don’t offer enough stimulation.  They’re too small, and everything’s too familiar.  One expert compared it to reading the same book over and over again, or expecting to have fun while hanging out in your bathroom.  Dogs just don’t get to see new things in the backyard, and more importantly, smell  new things…after all, they experience their world through their noses to a greater extent than we do.   So snap a leash on Fluffy, get out in the sunshine and get some steps (and sniffs) in!  You and your canine companion will be better for it, and who knows, a little fresh air might help you both sleep as soundly as, well, puppies tonight!





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