I’m checking out the forecast for the rest of the week, and it looks like we could enjoy  several  more days hovering around 60 before the weather goes south on us again.  So naturally I think about grillin’ something up outdoors.  Or smokin’ something.  Or both.  Now that I am back on the early shift I have plenty of daylight when I get home to get a fire going. Of course I can throw a switch and make it daylight in my backyard instantly.  I’m one of those guys who gets the smoker going before sun-up weekends and holidays, to give that big ol’ bird plenty of smoke-time, so it’s perfect by kick-off.  Ribs, brisket.  I do a salmon that’s a big hit with the family.  Whatever is on the rack, slow and low is my preferred way to go.  I think “slow & low” is the way I’ll approach my Tuesday.  Holla at me on-air from 6-10a.

-Bobby Cook 

“Let’s roll……”