Too Doped To Cope

People are capable of some ridiculous stuff.  Even when stone-cold sober.  Who hasn’t had a “What was I thinkin?” moment?  Some bad ideas start as moments of inspiration, borne out of necessity or curiosity, and then go horribly wrong. Like strapping on wings and jumping off a cliff   Back before youtube, that would have been an honest mistake, right?  Other bad ideas are the result of a few too many bubbly-ones at the wedding reception, “Hey instead of shaving cream, let’s cover their car with Flex-Seal!”  Or something along those lines.  The story I came across earlier today from California takes the prize.  Dude was so toasted he was trying to fix a flat with Band-aids.  Yeah, the plastic strips. And gauze.  And not a pinhole mind you, but a big-ass honking gouge out of the sidewall of two tires.  He was just trying to patch his lame pony, right on the side of the road.

Kids, only dopes do dope.  If this is you, seek help.   Check out the images here: