A UFO, reportedly, crashed near Texas Motor Speedway. I intended to investigate a late 1800s UFO crash, that was reported in the Dallas-Fort Worth news, but after arriving and setting up the TomsMaHauL motorhome in rain & storms on Tuesday, and rain throughout the day on Wednesday, we decided to do the UFO investigation when we return to Texas Motor Speedway in March 2020. Aurora, Texas is only about 20 miles (or so) from our T.M.S. camping spot.  More on the Aurora, Texas UFO incident HERE

I put on my rubber boots and pancho when setting up the TomsMaHauL motorhome in the storms at our Texas Motor Speedway RV spot. We were, pleasantly, surprised that our usual spot is now expanded (thanks to TMS for enlarging the reserved camping spots in our area). After setting up, I noticed a minor drip at a connection between the fresh water pump and a fitting in the utility bay. In the storms, I decided to do a temporary repair. I had some Flex Seal tape (like you see on TV) and thought (in a pinch, in stormy weather), I’d give it a try. It helped with the drip, but now when I go to do the repair, I’ll need to find a way to remove that tape without damaging the pex tube and hose that I need to repair. Oh well. It worked for the rest of our week at the track, and we had no other RV issues, so that was a plus.

We enjoyed NASCAR practicing sessions and the races. #4 Kevin Harvick was the winner for the big Sunday NASCAR Cup race.
The Buc’ee’s that is across from the track has plenty of room to fuel the TomsMaHauL motorhome, but we also find ourselves spending time looking around inside. I love old trucks (I used to have a ’51 Chevy truck) and my wife took this photo of me an old truck display in Buc’ee’s.
We enjoyed a Q&A session with Martin Truex Jr. (my wife’s favorite driver) in the TMS Media Center. About a half hour later, Martin was on the track for NASCAR Cup practice.

The loudest cheers during driver introductions, were for #9 Chase Elliott (son of NASCAR legend “Awesome Bill From Dawsonville” Bill Elliott.

More on the Aurora UFO, the fun we had in (nearby) Roanoke, Texas, the NASCAR races & other photos, in the Journal section of my TomsMaHauL website HERE

ABOUT TOMSMAHAUL.COM: TomsMaHauL.com is a website that my son, Justin, talked me into doing. Justin created the website and I am always going through my wife’s spiral notebook of the many RV journeys we’ve done (during 25 years of RVing), and some other trips we’ve enjoyed, and I take those spiral notebook notes, along with my own thoughts, to write in the Journal, Future Trips & Projects sections of the website. I haven’t even gone through a third of that spiral notebook, and will be continuing to add to the website. The “About” section at TomsMaHauL.com tells you little more about us. You’ll see my sons and their ladies joining us on some of our journeys in the TomsMaHauL.com Journal. The TomsMaHauL “Contact” page is among the ways to get a message to me. Thanks for checking out TomsMaHauL.com when you get time.

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