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Tom’s Smart Phone Booth Story

Using my smart phone in a phone booth, is not weird. Or, is it? During my travels around the ArkLaTex recently, I came across a few old-timey phone booths. When I spot a phone booth, I feel the need to enter the booth, and call someone from my cell phone. Why? I don’t know? I like when a friend asks “where are you calling from?”. Then, I can respond “from a phone booth”. This phone booth didn’t appear to be haunted, though it was in the Historic Jefferson Hotel, where it is said that there could be a haunting environment. I, also, spotted an old-timey phone booth in the General Store, and ended up sipping on a milk shake, while talking on my cell phone in that phone booth, too. So. If I call you, sometime, it might be from a phone booth, somewhere in the ArkLaTex.

Speaking of Jefferson. The Mardi Gras Upriver weekend festival will be February 9th through 11th, including the Krewe of Hebe Mardi Gras parade, booths & bands all weekend. There will be events and fun at different places, all over the Historic Jefferson Downtown district. More HERE

Tom Michaels

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