Tommy Two-Wheeler: Exercise Time During This Crisis

I have all kinds of things to keep me busy, during this challenging time.  I’m spending some time on 98Rocks Facebook and , and I’ll plan to be rockin’ at work on 98Rocks (98.1 & streaming) in the next week.  But, I have many other tasks that need more attention, like family business stuff, checking in with family (younger and older), running errands, helping neighbors & more. With the good weather, I’m making time to get out for walks around some of our South Bossier neighborhoods.  I decided to air up the tires, lube the chain, tighten the wheel bolts, dust off the seat and take a bicycle ride through some of our area neighborhoods.  Thanks to son & daughter-in-law (J.B. & Regan) for putting new tubes and tires our (wife & I) bikes not too many years ago.  My bike is old-timey.  It’s 40+ years old. It was an old beach bike. It’s a one speed bike, which is fine with me, because that means less thinking, and just pedal and roll… coast… pedal a little more etc.  I’m practicing social distancing and all of that, but I like to get out, when I manage to be home, and walk, ride & holler at neighbors to see if they need me to spray the wasps nests or other tasks etc.  I have a name for the rv.  The motorhome.  I’ve only taken a few minutes to think of a possible name for my old bicycle, but I have hit a mind-blank.  No luck with that… yet.  I don’t lose sleep over that, though.  There’s too much else to think about.  But, it’s great to take a break from the news, and get some outdoor time.  Yeah, there’s pollen, and a lot of it, but wait a few days, and mother nature will wash it away.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the Red River, near my house, too.  The level is up.  It doesn’t look like it’ll be anything serious like we’ve seen in years past.

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