Time to Play B-Sides

As Blue Oyster Cult once sang, there’s a time to play B-sides – and sometimes those B-sides end up becoming hits in their own right. The folks at Ultimate Classic Rock have run down a list hit songs that started out as the B-side for a different single, like my copy of “Hey Hey, What Can I Do” by Led Zeppelin. It’s the B-side of “Immigrant Song.”  I probably have several more in my collection, but without an extensive search (which I am way too lazy to undertake) I can’t think of too many others off the top of my head.  Lucky for me, the classic rock website people put forth the effort so I can get on with something far more important, and that would be a nice nap.   A link to the site below, and some highlights here: Doobie Brothers, “Black Water” KISS, “Beth” Green Day, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” The Beatles, “I Am The Walrus” Rod Stewart, “Maggie May” Pearl Jam, “Yellow Ledbetter” What are some ‘deep tracks’ or “b-sides” by your favorite band that should have been a hit song?



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