I expect the local car wash businesses to be booming this weekend.  Now that the ice and snow has (mostly) melted from my Jeep, I see the white road salt stains, after driving on the slushy & snowy roads on Tuesday.  After checking the weather online at 98Rocks.fm  , I’m expecting sunny days,  & (MUCH) warmer temperatures, over the weekend.  I’ll rinse, wash and detail my Jeep this weekend.  Sometimes, I take the Jeep to one of the car wash places, but there are times that I take care of it, myself.  It’s good exercise.  Think of it as, “Tom’s Gym”.  When someone asks me “What’dya do today?”, I can say “I’ve been to the gym”, because after the workout from doing a thorough car wash & detail, I feel like I’ve been to one of the local fitness facilities.  I guess that I’m not being very humble, when, after washing and detailing the Jeep, I stand in front of my house, and wait for someone to drive by, so I can point to my shiny Jeep… with glistening rims etc.  No.  That’s not very humble of me, to do that, but I have a history of doing that.  Same with plumbing under the sink, and replacing a garbage disposal.  When a friend comes over, I’ll open the cabinet doors under the sink, and likely say “You gotta check this out! Look what I did”.   The good news is, warm temperatures and sunny days ahead.  C’MON WEEKEND!  I get this way, every Hump Day.  If you’re anything like me, and I know that I am, it’s long about Hump Day, that I start thinking, C’MON WEEKEND!  

Thanks for rockin’ at work with me today… and, for those that get another day home from work, then ladies can feel free to dance with 98Rocks in your pajamas, and guys, you can rock out on your air guitar, all you want.  Until, the doorbell rings.  Then, I guess you have to change your thinkin’ for a few minutes, to get the pizza, or some mailed delivery package.

If you haven’t driven anywhere in the past few days, you’ve avoided having to (be like me), and wash the road salt from you vehicle

Tom Michaels