The Top 10 Things That Make Office Workers Lose Their Cool

Every work day has its ups and downs, but everyone has ONE THING that sets them off every time.  Like when Jimmy sets the microwave to 10 minutes to nuke a bag of popcorn, then takes a call and leaves the breakroom until somebody yells “Something’s  on fire in here!!”

A new poll produced a list of 30 things that make office workers lose their cool . . . and chances are, at least one sets you off too.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Unreasonable colleagues

2.  A big workload

3.  When your computer decides to do an update at the worst time

4.  The printer not working

5.  Inappropriate work conversations

6.  Dirty toilets

7.  The IT department

8.  Someone else pointing out a mistake you’ve made

9.  Colleagues taking personal calls on work time

10.  Leaving dirty cups or bowls around


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