The Sign Says…

The sign says it all, and I found it posted prominently throughout the building when I rolled in this morning.  SAFER.  Think Spacing, Awareness, Flexibility, Execution, Results.  Sounds simple enough, and a reminder to remain smart and safe as we approach an end to many social distancing restrictions in just a week.  When this sign greets you at the entrance, it asks “How are you feeling today?”  It encourages readers to work from home at the least sign of illness and discourages the use of other people’s phones, pens or other work tools.  It reminds us to wipe down common work areas and tools after use, and let a manager know if you’ve been exposed to Covid-19.  There are more tips; wash your hands for 20 seconds, avoid Covid “Hot Spots” and wear a mask when in public spaces.

We’ve been sticking to some rigid rules here at Alpha Shreveport since mid-March, and that has played a big role in keeping the limited team-members who actually come into the building in good health.  Here’s hoping that when your business is ready to ramp back up and open-wide, you’ll be more successful, healthy and safer than ever.

More info here from OSHA: