The Good News Hound Returns…

…And she’s sniffed-out some items from the news that might put a grin on your face and a warmth in your heart, as opposed to the usual grimace and indigestion usually brought on by the headlines these days.  Enjoy, be happy, and toss that doggie a bone!

First up, a flight attendant for Southwest found out a six-year-old Make-a-Wish kid was on his flight . . . and brought her up to the front of the plane to announce she’d just BEATEN CANCER.  The whole plane applauded.  (Here’s the video.)  Next, we’ll put the spotlight on the puppies! Hundreds of golden retrievers got to hang out at an event in Scotland last week.  It was to celebrate the breed’s 155th anniversary.  The first three golden retrievers were born in Scotland in 1868.  (Here’s a photo, and a video.)

In other dog news:  A race track near L.A. just held its 26th annual wiener dog races on Saturday.  The fastest dog this year was a dachshund named Beenie Von Weenie, which would be a cool name for a band, by the way.  Anyway, the “Beenster”  won himself a new doghouse, and his owner got $1,000.    Finally, a 51-year-old guy from Australia is doing well after being lost at sea for two months.  He left Mexico in April, and his boat got damaged in a storm.  No one was with him except his dog, and the dog made it too!  He had some fishing gear and says they both survived on raw fish and rainwater.

AI disclaimer: All the words in this post were conceived and written by an actual human being.  They were, however, edited by wonder-dog, Poindexter…

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