The Coffee Pot is Always On

Sometimes, the coffee pot is on TOO LONG!  Somebody up here, leaves about 2 tablespoons of coffee in the pot, and when I get in, there’s, burnt, cooked coffee stuck in the pot.  Why not just pour those 2 tablespoons into the cup, instead of leaving it there in the bottom of the pot to… COOK to a hard finish??!!  And, burnt coffee in the pot, smells NASTY!  It happens at least once a week.  When I get in here, I get the scrubber out, along with some dish soap, and SCRUB the burnt coffee from the bottom of the pot.  When I’m done with my daily coffee intake, I turn off the burner, rinse out the pot and then fill the pot with water, before putting it back in the burner area.  Oh well.  If that’s all that I have to bitch about, then I suppose that I’m in a good place (in my life), huh?  Actually, in the photo, I’m doing my “shop prep” (preparing for my radio show).  That’s it.  That’s kind of all that I do to prepare.  Pour a few cups of coffee from the pot.  After I’ve had a few cups,, I head to the control room with a full cup, and I’m ready to ROCK!  Rock ya’ while ya’ work.  Like I’ve done here almost 35 years.   I think that I used the word “pot” too many times in this blog?  Whatcha think?  Maybe, I should have used the word “carafe”, but that’s not what it is.  It’s a coffee pot.  Am I right, or am I right?