So it is the day to pay the proverbial piper.  Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to Uncle Sam that which is Sammy’s.   Since I’m someone who considers procrastination a positive trait that should be nurtured like a fine form of art, I fully understand those people who will be in the queue at the main post office as midnight approaches, or filing online seconds before the deadline.  Been there, done that.  Things are different now, thanks to a fiscally savvy spouse who realized we had reached a place where professional help was needed.  Her income grew, mine not so much, but I did have a handful of side-deals and voice-over clients that I served from a home studio for about twelve years.  A few more dollars in the bank, a lot more paperwork to deal with. More chances to miss something or make a costly mistake.  Now we send everything off to the CPA, and write a check.  This year, our refund was just enough to cover the accountant’s services.  And maybe a nice lunch.  At a nice food-truck.  Hey no prob, I’ll even spring for a couple celebratory smoothies, ’cause regardless of the outcome, we didn’t stress over it until the wee hours, and that itself is worth a fortune.   If you’re getting your blood pressure up over your return, take a break for a few, and enjoy the late George Harrison & friends while you regroup.


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