Serious Moonlight

You’ve no doubt seen dozens of “Super-Moon” photos since the eclipse Sunday night, but I figured I’d throw-up my effort.  It was a few hours before the eclipse began, and we’d just arrived at a Lafayette restaurant for dinner, so I got this quick shot in the parking lot.  Regrettably, it was the only “Moon-shot” I got, not managing to stay up late enough for the real action, and when I did wake-up I had a dead camera battery.  Too bad, ’cause the next one visible to us doesn’t roll around until May of 2021. But that doesn’t sour me on the Moon.  I’m a big fan, but I suppose most romantic types are.  Nothing else in the world like a near-silent stroll through a sleeping glade lit by a full Moon.  Or launching that bass rig under a moonlit pre-sunrise sky streaked with papery wisps of gray clouds.  Ever have an intimate encounter under the Moon?  Maybe on the beach or in a hot tub on the deck?   You don’t forget ’em, wherever they are.  Then there are the songs.  Must be hundreds about Luna. Bad Moon Rising, Harvest moon, Moon River, Fly Me To The Moon, Bark at The Moon, Shame on the Moon, Moonlight Feels Right, Moonshadow and on and on and on.  You’ll be thinking of ’em all day now. Some people saw a meteorite strike the lunar surface during the eclipse.  China has a probe on the dark side of the Moon, where maybe the spirit of the late Sid Barrett of Pink Floyd lingers.  David Bowie had a China girl on the beach in the Let’s Dance video, “Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.”   The moon may one day be the launching point for future missions to Mars. Let’s not forget Moon Pies.  Hmmm, maybe the Moon is trending now…

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