Rockin’ The Garden

Cook’s rockin’ little veggie patch got a later than usual start this spring, but a growth spurt is getting underway now.  Another few months, and my plot should look more like the pic above from a year or two ago.   It’s not a big spot, but that means less labor for me, which is no fun when those temps start creeping upwards of ninety.   It may not look like it at the start,  but there will be very little uncultivated real estate when everybody matures.   If all grows well,  our dinners will soon be complemented with fresh bell peppers, a couple different varieties of tomatoes and eggplant, good ol’ Blue-Lake green beans, green peas and cucumbers.  I have containers for some hot peppers and strawberries, and anything else I might decide to take a shot at.   Growing plants in pots not only keeps you off your knees, weeding rows in the hot sun, but gives you the ability to move them around to get the maximum light or rain if you need to.

So, here are a few action shots.  Keep the music loud, and your thumb green!

And finally, one of the many avian visitors who buzz by!

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