Odd Finds at Goodwill

Today is Giving Tuesday, which has become a “thing” over the past decade . . . maybe because some people feel guilty after dropping a bunch of cash on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. There are a lot of ways to help others all year long, and one way is donating stuff you don’t need to places like Goodwill.  But one person’s junk is NOT always another person’s treasure. There’s a list of the “most bizarre items people donated to Goodwill” . . . which was compiled with help from Goodwill workers and shoppers.  It includes:

1.  A guillotine.  An employee says they think it went for $30.

2.  Bags of groceries.  Probably by accident.

3.  Literal bags of garbage.  Sadly, NOT by accident.

4.  A basket of taxidermy kittens. (That’s just too freakin’ weird, right?)

5.  A glass jar labeled, “Fart, June 1975.”(Maybe, like wine, they thought the aroma would be enhanced by age?)

6.  A rock . . . just a normal rock.  The Goodwill put an $11 tag on it.  It sold.

7.  A Louis Vuitton purse . . . with human teeth inside.

8.  A tiny toy car that said, “Pizza with bean . . . have you tried it?”

9.  An entire cardboard box of original newspapers from historical events, like Kennedy’s assassination . . . Nixon’s resignation . . . and the Man on the Moon.

10.  A glow-in-the-dark Ouija board.

11.  A chair shaped like a Labrador Retriever.

12.  A dog “sculpture” made out of random metals, including golf clubs, and a bathroom faucet.

13.  A coffin.

14.  A “fertility idol.”

15.  “Underwear for squirrels.”

16.  And a painting of Rosey the Robot Maid from “The Jetsons” . . . showing Rosey posing provocatively.  (Here’s a photo of that.) 

Not exactly sure, but the photo of the Elf/Wizard decoration probably came from Goodwill. No doubt if the wife wouldn’t miss it, back to Goodwill it’d go!

Happy Holidays all, be generous in your own way!


(Cracked / USA Today)

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