You Can Now Hear “Africa” Continuously in the Desert
Yes, you can now hear Toto’s 1982 hit Africa continuously thanks to a sound installation in the Namib Desert.  “Toto Forever,” installed by Namibian-German artist Max Siedentopf, will play the Toto hit song on a loop theoretically forever.  So, if you think a trip there is something to put on the bucket-list, you’ve got plenty time to plan. The sound installation is simply six speakers on stands attached to an MP3 player that contains the one song and runs on solar power so that it will definitely play until the end of time.  Unless the Sun is blocked by a massive cloud of volcanic ash or nuclear fallout.  In which case it will be the end of time for Earth inhabitants shortly after the batteries give-out, so win-win?   Oh yeah, and about that bucket-list desert trek to see and hear “Toto Forever,” Max has even made a map to show exactly where the tune is located. If you could have a song play continuously what song would it be and where?  Me, I always seem to have a song on continuous-loop inside the sandstorms of my mind.  If I was to find myself in the vast wasteland of the Namib, I’d probably prefer the peace and quiet.  But I’d take the Toto tune over “Don’t Stop Believin'”.  Just sayin’….



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