Make Your Move

As I write it’s just ten days until Valentine’s Day!  Unless you have some culinary skill, and intend to create a memorable, romantic meal for your significant other, this might be a good time to make a dinner reservation.  Now of course you can enter our “Kiss Your Way to the Foreigner Concert” photo contest (right here:  )  and perhaps win dinner at Abby Singer’s Bistro in addition to great seats from Louisiana Coin & Jewelry, but it would be a good idea to have a back-up plan ready, just to c-y-a.  Plus we suppose not every lover is going to find the thumping throb of “Dirty White Boy” particularly romantic.  Restaurant reservations for Valentine’s day are twice most holidays, so forget about the last minute or even day before.  Of course, if you’ve been at it with your better half long enough (36 years for me and my gal) you might not think twice about just ordering up a pizza and splittin’ a tub of Blue Bell.  Or maybe compose a sensitive original ballad to melt their heart.   Eh, on second thought “Whaddya want on the pie, Hon?”   Here’s to True Love!

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