Week number four of the New Year is almost history.  I guess it’s almost time to just refer to it as “this year.”   Has 2018 been tolerable for you so far?  Hope so.  Week number three of my new spot on the Morning Show is agreeing with me.  Feels good to have my old familiar routine and get down to business before the sunrise.  The 98 Rocks Team consists of the best radio people around, so I am not short on ideas or support, and we are collectively brainstorming new and fun things to do, most of which will involve you, our listeners and friends.  Stay tuned for more and know that your input is always welcome and considered.  Get in touch, there are many ways to do so.  I’m approaching it like I did afternoons;  lots of rock, minimal talk unless there’s a situation that requires more, like our recent snow event.  We all hope that our social media and on-air work provided you with timely info that helped make that whole ordeal less stressful.  Mornings move a little faster than other times of the day, in life and radio.  I’ve had to step-up and pay more attention to what is going on.  I still have opportunities to come-up with a wisecrack here and there, or chat with you on the phone if something is on your mind.  Never hesitate to call.  If you feel the need to tell me off (and honestly that happens very rarely among an audience of such classy folks) then call and give me hell.  I’ve heard a dressing-down or two, because I’ve said a dumb-ass thing or two! (Apologies to Farmers, bum-de-bum-bum…) When you open up a live mic as many years as I have, there are times you will swallow it whole, if ya catch my drift.  Occupational hazard.  Playing another tune is always the safest plan.  That said, we’ll carry-on with it Monday morning, and I hope you’ll be tuned-in.  Now as for the wind chimes.  There must be over 20 hanging in various spots in our yard, collected on getaways from all-over the country.  The ones pictured though, are billed as the Stradivarius of wind chimes by the manufacturer, Music of the Spheres.  They are the Mack-Daddy of all in my opinion, and if I hear these bad boys outside our bedroom window, I know it’s blowing close to 10mph.  Big and loud and beautiful, and containing all the notes in “Amazing Grace,”  the Alto Chime Pentatonic is sonically superior to your average wind-chime.  To call it “heavenly” is not too big a stretch.   Quite relaxing.  They are handmade here in the USA, in Austin, Tx.  one of my favorite cities.  Bonus is they were a Valentines Day gift from Shelley last year, so there’s a little extra something they resonates in my ears on another level entirely.  Have a great weekend,  and I hope you hear nothing but pleasant sounds…

-Bobby Cook

Here’s downtown Austin as seen from our hotel during a visit last year. My pic


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