It’s been a few years, since I took the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome from Bossier City to Austin.  Thinking back, I had a BLAST on 6th Street, with all of the live music (and every artist and band has to be REAL GOOD to play down there).  I remember walking up on the bridge at dusk, when over a million bats fly out from under the bridge, and above the rest of us (waiting for them to take flight).  If you do watch the bats fly over the bridge, sometime, let me suggest an umbrella, due to….. falling guano.  Today’s word of the day is “guano“.  Investigate the word for the meaning, and be sure to use it in a sentence today.  Anyway.  So, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble among the bands here today, while you’re rockin’ at work with me, making the rounds, or online at  And, of course, we sound great on the 98Rocks app on your smart phone, too.  Thanks for rockin’ on the job with me.

Tom Michaels