Grill ‘Em Right!

Ah yes!  Food is the topic of another post.  Might be because I generally sit down to attend to my blogging duties right around my lunchtime.  And since I’m feeling particularly peckish at this moment, what a better way to fill this space than by stealing the gist of a story from HuffPost, and touting it as my sincere effort to aid you in enhancing your barbecue-type activities this Memorial Day weekend!  I know you don’t buy that, but here goes:

Grill masters are sharing the mistake people often make when grilling.  They all agreed that the biggest thing people do is not getting the temperature right before they start cooking.  HuffPost says, ” Getting the temperature of your food right is important for both taste and to protect everyone from foodborne illness.” They also give tips on grilling better.  They include putting the meat on at the right time, controlling the heat of the grill, watching the internal temps of food, and not adding the sauce too early.  I consider myself an advanced practitioner of many grilling methods, and could probably add some of my own tips and hints, but I’ll leave it to the “experts” and just wish you luck!   Besides, I really am ready to get outta here and eat.  By the way, what is your favorite meal to grill?

Here’s a link to the story:

And as a dessert serving suggestion, this nice homemade from scratch apple pie!  From the oven of Mrs Shelley, ’cause your author has no baking skills whatsoever.  None.  From a frozen pizza to a loaf of garlic bread, I will burn that sucker up proper!   Cookies?  Get the fire extinguisher handy…

The onion in the picture was not an ingredient in this pie.  Just in case you were wondering, and I bet someone was… 

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