Getting Dirty

First weekend of May provided perfect weather for getting to work in my much neglected vegetable patch.   The late winter plants fought through too much rain and fluctuating temps, but they were hanging in there, and we even got a decent bunch of curly kale and romaine lettuce.  Broccoli and cauliflower never got off to a good start, so not much more than a salads- worth there.  No matter, I got all of their remains cleared out, got busy with the mini-tiller and got ground zero in shape for some summer delights.   I even had the gumption to grab the chainsaw and take down a sizable crepe myrtle that had slowly but surely, over the past several growing seasons, robbed my patch of about four hours afternoon sun.

It was getting late Saturday when I had finally finished prepping for the plantings and seed.  Tomatoes, couple varieties of pepper, eggplant, cucumbers and good ol’ garden-variety Blue Lake green beans.  I can almost smell them simmerin’ in a pot with some bacon and onion.  Yum!   The planting would be my first order of business Sunday.  Now it was time to hose-off and fire up the grill!

The tree that stole my sunshine

Ahhh, I see the light

I provide the Miracle Grow, the rest is up to Ma Nature!