Get Sauced by the State!

Hey kids!  Love to collect stuff?  Well here’s something different we ran across today that you may already have a head-start on…little packages of condiments, y’know, ketchup, mustard, mayo and bbq…honey mustard maybe?  Well if it’s from the Heinz company, it might be a keeper, especially if the package proudly features one of the fifty states, and depicts a favorite food from that state.

Who doesn’t end up with more packets of  ketchup, mustard, etc. than they’ll probably ever use, maybe heaped in the junk-drawer, maybe even their own designated drawer.  Or a big zippy or Rubbermaid tub.  My wife throws nothing out that may have an iota of usefulness to it…like a 9g packet of ketchup that’s been sitting in the bottom of the center-console since our last road-trip to Florida.  Freshness never seems to be a concern.  I’ve never noticed a “best by” date on a ketchup packet.  Hell, they probably have at least as long a shelf-life as Spam, right?  Besides, one day, when the family ketchup bottle runs low, Sweetie will pull-out all those scores and scores of wee packets, open and then individually squirt their contents into the communal bottle, and the fresh will thus mingle among the tainted, making it all perfectly fine for consumption. Now that’s the fiscal savvy of a long-time cash-strapped radio wife, God love her!

Anyway, back to the Heinz company.  Heinz is releasing limited-edition sauce packets this summer, featuring all 50 states.  And there’s a promotion where you could win prizes based on how many different states you collect, with prizes up to $100K.  Just collect as many states as you can, and then upload photos of each at as you go.  The more states you have, the more entries you get.  There are smaller prizes worth $3.00 to $250.00 . . . and grand prizes ranging from $500 to $100,000.  At the very least, the first 600,000 participants will automatically get a $1.00 off coupon, good for any Heinz condiment at the store.

Heinz is randomly shipping a variety of state packets to restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, and to-go places.  And they’re available for all their sauces . . . including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, ranch, BBQ, and tartar sauce.   Follow the link below for more, good luck and keep squirtin’!

(Food & Wine / The Takeout / Heinz)



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