Enjoy your last swim, Bucko’s!  Cookster’s Mid-Spring backyard bug-a-thon is on this weekend!  Sure,  Mudbug Madness is on the way to Festival Plaza, by why wait?  Got a pot?  No!!?  Well I bet your cousin does, so grab it and some spices and get busy!  Them tasty critters are only a couple-bucks a pound now, so get several sacks and have a block party!  The word has gone out to our gang of tail-pinchin’ head-suckers, and the succulent crustacean frenzy is taking shape.  Assembling the corn, taters, onions, sausage, mushrooms and some other secret ingredients I am not at liberty to divulge. (Have you got a traditional recipe that makes up your boil?  Feel free to share)  The family’s culinary crawfish-master Zak will mind the pot, so quality control will be paramount, and not a single bug will be sub-par.  Me?  I’ll play DJ, just like I do on the radio.  And  probably sit in the shade and make sure the beverages stay nice and icy cold!  Cheers mudbug lovers!


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