I enjoyed an evening, while on the deck of a family member’s condo in Ocean City, Maryland.  After all of the evening activities, there was a quiet moment to just enjoy the view (from 21 stories up).  Very close to the condo, there was a situation with a beached whale earlier in the afternoon.  Sorry to say, that after a lot of effort, the whale did not survive. Eating crabs is the popular dinner time experience around here.  I enjoyed the food, but I’m looking forward to returning home to Louisiana, and our local flavor chow.  It’s good to get away, but always nice to get back home.  I’m looking forward to being back home later Tuesday, and back rockin’ in the 98Rocks studio on Wednesday.

So that family knows what I am up to, my son created the new TomsMaHauL.com website, where I posted more on our journey to Arlington National Cemetery, Ocean City (Maryland) and rockin’ out to Uncle Tim’s band at the DelMarVa Bike Rally.  Since you’re like family to me, you’re always welcome to visit the new TomsMaHaul website, and look around, but I posted more on our journey, with a better moonlight beach view HERE .