Food Tape?

There’s an Edible, Adhesive Tape to Keep Your Burrito Wrapped?

Engineering students from Johns Hopkins University have created an edible, adhesive tape, called “Tastee Tape,” to keep burritos and other wrapped foods sealed up . . . WHILE you’re eating.

They tested a “multitude” of ingredients before settling on a final recipe, which is edible, safe, and has the strength to keep even the fattest burrito closed.  For now, they aren’t revealing what the secret formula is . . . because they’re currently applying for a patent.  It’s also unclear when it could be available.

The “tape” looks like small rectangular strips that are roughly half an inch by two inches.  They come on a wax paper . . . and to use them, you just peel one off, wet it thoroughly, and stick it on the food you want to hold together.

(Johns Hopkins University

(Here’s a clear and a dyed example of Tastee Tape.)