Flashback One Year

Somebody mentioned we were all enjoying a snow day here at the station on January 16th of last year.   I sought out the photographic evidence.  As you can see, we did indeed have some snowfall on this date last year.  You can see the vehicles of the three most hearty morning-shifters pictured above, (myself, Steve Anderson & Carl Staples) so no, not all of us stayed home.   Now if I remember correctly, I didn’t hang around for long when I got off the air at 10am, so it was a short day.

This week we have a cold-snap coming in late Friday that is supposed to bring some rain, but at last check no risk of snowfall.  “At last check” being the key part of that sentence, you know how it is around here.  We’ll wait and see.  A little snow is okay with me, but my preference is warmth.  If flakes appear this weekend I’ll not be around to see them, since we’re off on an adventure close enough to the gulf coast to avoid the freezing point.  Then again, ya never know…..

Mocha enjoyed last years snow



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