East Texas Amtrak Train Day Trip

I’ve seen trains pass, while waiting at the railroad crossings, when I’d observe the grafitti art on some of the rail cars. I’ve been on the train ride from Rusk to Palestine, Texas. I’ve seen the Amtrak trains from time to time, when the TomsMaHauL.com motorhome studio rolled along Highway 80 (The Broadway of America) in East Texas.

The Amtrak train rolls parallel to the Historic Highway 80. My intention was to ride the holiday train from Longview to Marshall, but that train was booked. I was determined to experience the Amtrak train, and found that I could leave the Longview Amtrak train station in the morning, and ride for an hour to Mineola, Texas.

I found the car with the beverages and food, and got some morning coffee to sip, while I enjoyed time on the upper observation deck of one of the Amtrak cars.

I enjoyed an afternoon of strolling around downtown Mineola, which has many shops, restaurants & other places of interest. Later in the afternoon, I would board the Amtrak train at the Mineola station and return to Longview.

After arriving in Mineola, I investigated an old-timey caboose next the Amtrak train station. In modern times, a caboose is not needed, but when I was younger, I always looked forward to seeing them at the end of a train & waving at the person in the upper window.

There’s more to the adventure, and I share some other photos along with further information about Amtrak in my Journal section at TomsMaHauL.com HERE.

NOTE: Expect delays for Amtrak train arrivals at the stations.  My thinking was, I’m in no hurry, and to just enjoy the experience.  I enjoyed some conversations with others in the waiting area, and made some new friends (which is always good).

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