More Rock While Ya’ Stay Home & Make Snow Ice Cream.   For the rest of us, it’s More Rock While Ya’ Work, as always.  The 7am drive to work took longer, but I made it across the Red River, and into Shreveport, without any issues.  The Clyde Fant Parkway was a fun drive, because Bobby Cook was playing “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” (Frank Zappa) on 98Rocks.  Hearing Zappa,  driving on a snow & slushy Clyde Fant, was like listening to the music, while on one of the State Fair thrill rides.  My secret to success, to making it work?

  • 4WD on “snow” mode
  • 35 mph (max), driving from South Bossier to Agurs in Shreveport (between downtown, and the downtown airport)
  • I’m always accused of driving like an old man,  so I just turned up 98Rocks, with Bobby playing “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow”, as the wipers kept time with the song
  • Avoid some vehicles,  that you suspect the driver is a rookie at this snow/ice stuff
  • I did not text, while driving.
  • That’s about it.

Tom Michaels