Cultivate Some Mental Health?

I’ve said it before, and a study as recent as this past March says it again…wanna knock- down your anxiety and stress?  Get into gardening!  Even a short period each day, devoted to just a few potted plants on a patio, or an easy to manage raised bed, might provide the tranquil, slow-paced downtime to take the edge off of whatever might trouble you throughout the day.  Like taking a stroll in a peaceful park, but with the added reward of a fresh, brightly colored bouquet or garden salad.  In fact, I’ve thought of my little veggie patch as kind of a “living produce section” right outside my back door.  Two months in, and I’m not far now from plucking a just-ripened tomato, bell pepper, cucumber or eggplant  as a dinner recipe may require.   The monetary investment isn’t astronomical, much less than say, caring for a pet or deciding to buy a wheel and kiln and take up ceramics.  And not unlike a ceramics hobby, you’ll certainly end-up with some extra garden goodies to share with friends.  I mean, I’d prefer a couple garden fresh tomatoes to a slightly-skewed bud-vase any day.  If that is indeed, a bud vase.  Happy gardening, and maintain your brain…

Bobby’s Veggie Patch

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