Chip Shot

In the event you want to keep that celebratory Mardi Gras Spirit alive on  Lundi Gras‘, you can tack on another reason to celebrate…National Tortilla Chip Day!  Yes, there is such a thing, of course  I’d guess if you were inclined to hunt around the vast wasteland of cyberspace, you’d encounter commemorative days for everything from belly-button lint to dental floss re-purposing.  But today is the day to celebrate the chip!  Do you favor a particular store-bought brand, and whip-up your own home-grown concoctions?  Do you prefer to leave the work to the culinary pros?  Warm and fresh is always best, I say, but hey, molten cheese on cold chips is okay, provided they are not stale and rubbery.  Guac is a whole ‘nuther ball game, and most discerning tortilla dippers will insist on a fresh and preferably homemade potion. (And speaking of baseball, ballpark nachos are always better no matter what, right?)  Do you hit ’em with hot-sauce, japelenos, chili and cheese?   Gobs of sour cream?  Onions.  Green and black olives some capers and crumbled bacon and…..aww geez, I am done for the day on that note!  Here’s hoping your Tortilla Day is crisp, crunchy and satisfying.  Let’s go eat!

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