My favorite breakfasts are often the leftovers from dinner the night before.  That’s the case today, and it was actually my plan all along.  Sorry Shelley.  I have to apologize to the wifey for fouling her dinner plans tonight.  We were on the phone just a few minutes ago and she asked if leftover roast beef and veggies sounded good tonight.  I said she should check the fridge, ’cause I have most of it with me and what’s left I’ll probably scarf down for lunch.  A pause, then “Okay, I’ll take something out.”  Gotta have a plan B. This is one of those meals I knew was going to be good for several sessions as soon as I smelled it. When I walked through the front door yesterday about 2pm, the slow-cooker had been doing its magic since just after 6am.  Mocha stood like a sentinel at the counter eyeing it, just wishing.  It was an early dinner to say the least, with seconds, thirds and the obligatory midnight trip back to the fridge for more.  Like Dagwood Bumstead in “Blondie.”  I just need the pj’s with donuts all over ’em.  Have a day!

-Bobby Cook