Bet Your Pet Rocks!

It’s National Pet Day!   Of course for many of us every day is pet day, and our babies of every variety…canine, feline, avian, reptilian or other, always feel the love.  But if you want an excuse for an extra-special day, here’s the unofficial talking points memo:  According to a recent poll, 58% of us have at least one pet at home.  Dogs are still the most common, and cats are next.  70% of pet owners have at least one dog, and 54% have a cat.  So a lot of us have both.  Fish are a distant third at around 3% of households.  Then it’s birds, reptiles, rodents, and rabbits.  Here are a few moist and juicy kibbles of other related info.

1.  There are 85 million dogs in America, and over 60 million cats.  That’s not even including strays.

2.  40% of us are “dog people,” and 20% are “cat people.”  Just over 30% like both equally, and 8% don’t like cats OR dogs.

3.  We don’t trust people as much if they don’t like pets.  Over a third of Americans say it makes someone seem less trustworthy.

4.  91% of pet owners say their pet is “part of the family.”  33% of dog owners also say their dog is one of their “best friends.”  21% of cat owners said the same . . . but 14% also just feel like their cat’s “servant” sometimes.

5.  83% of Americans think pets are “capable of love.”  88% of dog owners think their dog loves them.  81% of cat owners said the same.

6.  More than half of pet owners let their pets sleep with them.  60% said yes, at least sometimes.

7.  Most cat and dog owners have talked to their pet “at length” before.  So, not just one or two words, but full conversations.  60% of dog owners and 52% of cat owners said they do it.

8.  58% of us think walking a cat on a leash is fine.  Only 6% “strongly disapprove” of it.

9.  56% of pet owners have bought their pet a birthday or Christmas present before.  38% have thrown a party or “birthday celebration” for a pet.   And 24% have dressed them up in a costume for a special occasion.

10.  48% of Americans think pets can go to heaven.  95% of people in that group think THEIR pet will go to heaven.

Now, go and get that pooch a nice treat!  Who’s a good boy?

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