BBQ Like A Master

The grills and smokers will be fired-up in abundance this July 4th weekend, adding that festive smokey aroma that so greatly complements the scent of fireworks, bug-spray and sunscreen already in the air.  I’m no grilling expert, and as the caption to the above pic will attest, those delights were prepared by my son Zak.  I’m pretty confident with my grill skills, but instead of offering my tips to the newcomers, I’ll just share this info I stole from another source.  That way, I’m not directly to blame if your spatchcock chicken turns out more like sheet-rock.   Eat well, and have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!

Here’s what the pros say.  Be sure to preheat your grill; this prevents your food from sticking and uneven cooking. Even before you preheat your grill, be sure to clean it. To clean it, use a wire brush and an oiled paper towel. Keep the grill on for 30-60 minutes after removing food, then brush off the residue. Clean your grill with an onion to season it.   Don’t overseason your meat; simply salt and pepper is enough, and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice for seafood. Keep your grill lid closed so that the grill doesn’t cool off.  Defrost your meat, and don’t put frozen meat on the grill. Brine your lean meat. To make a brine, combine a quarter cup of kosher salt and a quarter cup of sugar with two cups of boiling water until the granules are fully dissolved. Then stir in two cups of ice water.

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