Baking Days are Back

When the overnight low is hovering (or dripping) near 80 degrees, our regular August weather has returned, with no hint of the milder drier air of early last week.  Even the sunrise looked a little less foreboding on a 70 degree morning.  Now, Sol comes out of the gate full-blaze as if to say “Get ready suckas!”  Kickin’ back with the a/c cranked, a salty snack and the Olympics on was a great escape from the heat.  Add a tall cool sweet-tea, ranch water or “Co-Cola” of your choice. (Note to Yankee readers:  In the South, “I’ma stop and git a coke” refers to any brand or flavor of carbonated beverage, except beer, or Mt. Dew, usually referred to as just “dew,” often enjoyed for breakfast.  Just the way we roll down here.)

But being the hearty heat-resisting folks we are around here, business will be done as usual…Maybe at a slower pace, with a few more rest-stops in the shade or the breeze of a fan.  Perhaps a quick, refreshing dip for those with access to a pool.  Shout-out to everyone whose workday has them broiling in this dangerous heat!  The first-responders , parks & rec workers,sanitation and dotd employees will brave the oven-like blast to keep the city rolling along.  Roofers will be doing their thing, no doubt sweating by the pint. Arborists will still take to the sweltering limbs.

And the mowers and edgers and blowers of both the pros and lawn-conscious homeowners alike will be abuzz a little earlier than usual.  Beat the heat as best you can, keep a cool water bottle handy and focus on that day somewhere in the future when the temps in the 60’s will return again.  Not likely to be this month, though.

Now for something completely different.  It had to happen I guess, as Space is proving to be too great a marketing resource to ignore.  Think you might step out onto the patio one clear summer night to get a view of the planets and constellations, maybe watch a meteor shower?  Suppose you look up into the heavens and see a bright, blazing billboard for the “One call, that’s All” guy?   Yeah.  At least in space, no one can hear you scream.