A Thank You!

Like most of  us at this time of year,  I’ve been doing a good deal of looking back, taking stock of the year gone by and pondering what lies ahead in the next year.   I hope it’s a year of health and prosperity and a little adventure too.  I hope it will be another year here on the airwaves of 98 Rocks.  To you, the listener and reader of these blogs, I offer sincere “thanks!”   I have been on the staff here since 2002, and 2021 will mark my fortieth year in broadcasting overall.  It has been a trip beyond my wildest imaginings, when as a teenager I pestered my way into a job at the local AM radio station.  Sure I was a music lover, that was a big draw, but mostly I was looking for an easier way to earn gas and beer money than flipping burgers.   But it grew on me and I got a little better year after year.   Got better jobs…usually.   Did radio in both Carolinas, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri and Nebraska.  Of course, Shreveport, first time here from 1985-89, then back for an encore in late ’95.  And here I am today.  Should our retirement plans come to fruition this is where I’ll wrap-up my career.  Or maybe not, such as plans tend to be.

I’ve worked in lush, well-equipped studios in stately buildings.  I’ve worked in trailers and stations located in run-down strip malls.  Worked with many wonderful and talented people, and learned much from them.  Also worked alongside some absolute loons, addicts and overall miscreants.  Played Hard-Rock, Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary, Top 40 hits and even, yes, Country music.  Handled every shift, ’round the clock, sometimes more than one.  I never really seriously considered doing anything else though.

Because the one factor that keeps you in the game, regardless of the format or the hours, is the people tuned-in and listening.  Doesn’t matter if you’re in a shack in a swamp at three-am, there is somebody on the other end of that mic.  And the relationship you can forge with them as an air personality is one of the greatest rewards of the job.  We share a little of our lives, you share a little of yours.  You call, you show up at remotes and events.  You drop by with Holiday Greetings and baked goods, and ask about our families, our pets. You follow us on social media.  You motivate us to give it our best shot everyday.  I don’t announce songs and do weather reports alone in my living room.  Radio allows the “living room” to extend as far as our signal carries.  The reach of the live stream is limitless.   Pretty big space.  Thank you so much for tuning-in and filling that space.  You’re always welcome and there’s plenty of room.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Bobby & Shelley

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