A Legal Post-Lockdown Haircut: Is It Ok To Get Excited About It?

A month before the stay-at-home order, I thought about getting a haircut.  Of course, I had no idea that a legal haircut would be so hard to come by, in the next month. Anyway.  I put off that haircut, until one day, a month later. Then, the “lockdown”, or “shutdown” (whatever you want to call it), happened. I expected that it would be for a few weeks.  A few months later,  the barber shop was, still, closed. I had been wearing my “explorer hat” (resembles the hat that Indiana Jones wears), to draw attention away from my crazy (over-grown shag carpet-looking) hairMy collection of ball caps were feeling neglected.  Well, here I am, with a fresh haircut and, I feel like that I’m brand new. I must say that, it kind of changed my attitude (in a positive way).  I feel like I have a little more pep in my step.  Do you what I mean, or am I the only one? I felt like hugging my barber, after I got up out of the chair, but after so many weeks of social distancing, I’m in the habit of refraining from hugs and handshakes (though I have shaken every hand that has been extended over the past few months)Instead, I showed the love with a sizable tip.  She lowered her mask, and I must say that a smile was nice to see.  I don’t see many smiles when I’m out and about, due to so many masks.  I’ve been able to see it your the eyes, though.  Wearing a mask, though, you can stick your tongue out, and no one wouldn’t know except… you.  I’m not saying that I’ve done that.  I’m just saying that it could be done.  Whatever.  Where was I?  Oh!  Here are “Before” and “After” photos, that might help you understand why I am excited about my new (legal) post-lockdown haircut.

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