Zero Pressure

Unless you’re talking about the local water pressure at your faucet, you probably like to keep the pressure in your life to a minimum.  Or you might just be the type that actually thrives on high-pressure situations, maybe even seeking them out.  Perhaps even creating them, even if only subconsciously. But hey, I’m no analyst and whatever adds fragrance to your life is your choice alone.  I like to roll on the mellow side, but issues unexpected with the family, the job, finances or health issues will arise.  The fifteen-minute wait at the drive-thru window that is making you later and later for that big presentation.  Or a failure of your refrigerator, microwave, hot water heater or adult children are adding up to big bills.  Everyone deals with SOME stress throughout the day, whether it’s serious stuff, or run of the mill.  But could the state you life in have an influence?  I saw a new study that ranked every state from the most stressed-out to the least, based on some factors I mentioned above, and others. Accordingly, the most stressed-out states turned out to be mostly in the south, where you’d figure folks would tend to be more low-key like we are here in good old NW La., right?  Nope, Mississippi and Louisiana residents are among most stressed-out.    Minnesota is among the least stressed.  Of course, that’s practically Canada, eh?

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