Zeptember And Beyond….

Driving on asphalt road at nice sunny day

Wow.  Another Labor Day weekend come and gone, and another Zeptember has begun here at The Home of Rock-N-Roll.  Before I head home to poorly play some of my favorite Jimmy Page guitar solos at a neighborhood-annoying level of volume, I’ll note a few dates we can look forward to ahead of Thanksgiving, the next Big One.  (If you don’t count Halloween, which is a pretty big one to me.)

2 days until the NFL Season kicks off

6 days until “Crankin’ Out The Cash”https://www.98rocks.fm/98-rocks-is-cranking-out-the-cash/

7 days until Patriot Day (9/11) a National Day of Service and Remembrance

15 days until International Talk Like a Pirate Day

59 days until Bohemian Rhapsody

61 days until Daylight Saving Ends   

Enjoy all your days & Rock On!!








Will Return Shortly… Hey Valentine! What A Rush! Pizza Day! Toiletry Synchronicity & The Zen Of Water-Pik Game Night