Zap ‘Em & Zing ‘Em!

Mowers and mulches and green-leafy things, those are a few of my favorites of spring!   But alas, with the rebirth of the flora and fauna come those dastardly pests to put a bite or a sting in your happy life.   Hence today’s product review:  The Black Flag hand-held bug zapper!   How could anyone who loves the outdoors and has a sense of adventure walk past one of these at the Big Home Store and not drop the $9.99?  Go ahead and get one, the wife says, that’ll give you something to play with when we go camping.  She knows me well, sixteen going on sixty.

Anyhoo, I’ve had it about three weeks, and it’s still going strong on the first set of batteries.  You might not expect it, but it it generates enough juice to do an excellent job dismissing mosquitoes, gnats and houseflies.   Now those nasty rat-bastard red wasps are a bit more formidable foe, but when you connect with one hovering like Andre Agassi smashing through an easy lob, you get a satisfying ZZZAAAPP, that sends it’s stunned ass halfway across the yard.  Stunned, but not quiet dead.  So you get to hunt him down for another electrifying blow or two, after which point even the meanest ones are too dazed to take flight, making one final stomp the end of the story.

Hey, sometimes you gotta use chemicals to wipe out the big nests, but who needs that gunk dripping all over the patio furniture and stuff?   Besides, you can try, but the odds of hitting them in mid-flight with your Spectracide is pretty slim.  This improves the odds, when those critters just won’t stop harassing you.

Get one for the kids too, guaranteed to keep them occupied on long summer afternoons.

Requires 2 AA batteries, not included…well what doesn’t?

And now ladies & gents, the newest member of our multi-family dog sanctuary I call  “Hashish!”  Actually his real name is something ninja like Hosheeko.  But he answers to Hopsctotch, Hodgekiss and Hotcakes as well, so Hashish it is…