You have to get up at 2am Sunday to Spring forward.

It’s that time again! Time to “Spring Forward” or as I like to say, “lose an hour of sleep”. When will we ever get to a point where we leave the clocks alone? Some places in the world and in our country don’t observe the ritual of daylight saving time. It comes sooner and goes away later for the rest of us and I actually would prefer leaving it on the daylight saving time side. The state of Florida is looking at staying on daylight saving time permanently. I can use that daylight at the end of the day rather than in the morning. Now you can set your clock ahead one hour ahead before you go to bed Saturday night or set the clock ahead when you wake up Sunday morning. But to really experience a full “Spring Forward” you must get up at 2am Sunday morning and set the clock an hour ahead. It truly is a religious experience that is not government approved. And I have just one more question that comes around at this time. How would we know to change our smoke detector batteries if we didn’t have the daylight saving time ritual?

Have a great weekend and keep on rocking with 98 Rocks!



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