Ya’ll Come See Us!

The above is a view of the “jobsite.”  The physical home of The Home of Rock-N-Roll.  Second home to all of us here at Alpha Media Shreveport and the place where we spend time with our “other family,”  the gang at work.  The building is sportin’ a nice fresh coat of paint for the spring, and everything inside is spiffy too.  Good thing.  We’ve been busy tossin’-out the prizes…cash, concert and event tickets, free meals, car washes and more, and lots of ’em.  It’s good and we make a bunch of new friends along the way.  Also means we get more calls from folks asking us: “Just where ya’ll at?”  208 N. Thomas Dr. Shreveport, La 71107 sounds simple enough, but people have called me from places like Sci-Port or the Market St. Brookshires parking lot while on a quest to retrieve their prize.  So since the outside got spruced-up a bit, I figured posting a current view might help you find your way!  Come see us to pickup your swag, m-f 8:30-Noon, and 1-5:30pm.  Mostly.  Of course once you get to the parking lot, you still have to find your way to our inner-sanctum.  heh-heh-heh-heh-heh……



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